Encode 360 is a video converter to produce files for playback on the XBOX 360
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Dan Cunningham

Encode 360 is a video converter to produce files for playback on the XBOX 360. This application will convert almost any video format into WMV, which is (was) the main format for playback on the XBOX 360, the Zune, and other media devices. Encode 360 encodes all the files using Windows Media Encoder, which assures you that all the files will be Microsoft WMV compliant. This application is must have for any XBOX 360 user that needs to play WMV files on this console. The user interface is really intuitive. All you are asked to do is to add the files one by one, and then the application can convert them simultaneously thanks to its batch processing capabilities. The final files are produced so that they fit your screen, which you can customize. The file quality is great, but be aware that it is hard that a re-compressed WMV file be better than an XVID file. Don't let the name of this application fool you. You can use this application to convert files to WMV for any use you might be able to think of. There is a profile for Zune videos, so that's widely supported. This is a great application that let many people play home-videos on their XBOX 360 when other formats weren't supported. This is also a free application and production has been stopped.

José Fernández
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  • Output WMV files are of great quality
  • It's free
  • It's fast and stable


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